Adult Fitness Classes in Dubai

adult fitness class in Dubai

Shape it up

Spending quality time with your children can go a long way in ensuring they grow up to be confident, happy adults, but It’s just as vital for a happy parent to have some me-time. Are you looking for an adult fitness class in Dubai? We offer adult fitness classes, yoga classes Dubai, workout classes, and group fitness classes specifically tailored for parents like you looking for a feel-good hour of self-improvement. All our fitness programs, be it Zumba workout, pilates or meditations, are formulated to provide utmost benefits, and you get a certified instructor to help you learn the techniques.

Our parent classes focus on weight loss, full body fitness, and building strength and relaxation through intense dance moves at our Zumba classes in Dubai. You can enjoy your class knowing the kids are nearby enjoying playtime or their own fun class at our center. For our parent members, the classes offered are: