Active Play

Play Duty Calls!

Letting your kids wander free is good for you and even better for them! Free play contributes to kids’ physical and social wellbeing, which is why we have an area dedicated to soft play, dress-up, arts and crafts and a host of other activities to let their imagination take flight.

We also have lots of fun and adventurous equipments for kids such as climbing walls, ropes, swings, ladders, monkeys bars, pull up bars, hanging bars, punching bags, tumbling mats, bouncing balls and lots more that will keep your child entertained and energized during thier free play time all in a safe and child friendly environment.
We havent forgotten our lil tots! For our younger members free play time we have lots of soft play modules such as steps, slides, tunnels, tumblers, balance beams and many more interesting activities and toys to keep them active and provide them with a fun filled experience at all times.
At Kids Unlimited it’s always about play with a purpose !